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benefit mascara

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Benefits Bad Gal Vs. Roller Lash Mascara. Is there a difference? Yes, as it turns out. I didn't actually know what the difference was exactly, as I...
Younique pigments, makeup how to

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See what I did there, with my title...... I tried to be funny.... no? Moving on, I was sent some Younique makeup products a...
colourful eye make up using the sleek rio rio palette

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Notting hill Carnival Makeup time! I love carnival, all the bright colourful costumes, the smell of food in the air and the party atmosphere....
strong winged eyeliner. hip hop inspired eyes

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What up Internet!  Uh ah, uh ah, yeah , ah check my lyrics...................... oh wait I forgot I don't actually no how to rap....

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I am in love with this new palette, sleek Garden Of Eden, it's full of fresh greens and earthy toned neutrals. What more could a girl...