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If there is such a thing as a make-up addict then I think I need to go to rehab.

Make up and Cosmetics is my passion, obsession, my love. I adore it all. Having worked or been apart of the beauty industry, in one form or another for many years, this is something I truly enjoy.

How I got started

When researching various products I wanted to know the real honest opinions of people who had tried and tested these products themselves, rather than what the companies advertisements were  telling me.  I started reading many beauty blogs and when I found there weren’t yet reviews about products I had, I thought to myself “my opinion is valid too” and “I know stuff!” That’s when I took up this wonderful hobby of blogging.

I now have evolved some what; got a new site, expanded from reviews, but how to’s, and even blogs about my style. The heart of my blog remains the same….. This is about  expressing my honest opinions on the products I have used.

So here it is.

I hope you enjoy.


For PR enquiries please get in touch here – tillyliloves@gmail.com

Also if you are looking for a make-up artist you can email me.

Or alternatively if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email.

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All of my opinions are my own. I will be informative of any products sent to me by a brand or a company, and I will still give my open and honest opinion. Most of the products on my site are things I have bought myself.  I don’t do this for money I do this because I truly enjoy it.

Tilly xxx