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Lit Glitter Show and Tell

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This is a Lit Glitter Show and Tell. Cos I'm gonna show you how amazing this glitter is and Tell you all about it!

Lit Glitter review

This is a Lit Glitter Show and Tell. Cos I’m gonna show you how amazing this glitter is and Tell you all about it!

Now I’ve been lured in by instagram once again! Which meant I ended up buying some Lit Glitter after seeing my favorite insta makeup guru’s wearing it.

My lit glitter collection

It’s not that easy to buy it in England although there are a few UK sellers out there but I found they didn’t have all the colours I wanted, so I ended up purchasing some off of Amazon.

I purchased champagne wishes in size 2, Hot chocolate in size 2, and soul sister in the slighter bigger size 3.

champagne wishes size 2

Champagne Wishes

champagne wishes

Hot Chocolate size 2

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

Soul sister size 3

Soul Sister

Soul sister

Next up I went to IMATS! Which was amazing. FYI for those of you who don’t know IMATS is a trade show for make up artists, you can buy a lot of promake up brands from there and it’s great for things that aren’t yet sold in England, for example like Lit Cosmetics aren’t widely sold in the UK, although there is a shop in Liverpool that sells the stuff.

From IMATS I bought Mr. T in size 2, Modern Love in size 2, Hello sunshine in size 2, ans lastly Hoochie Mama.



Mr. T Lit Glitter


Mr T

Lit glitter june 2016 005

Modern Love

modern love


Lit glitter june 2016 035

Barbie shop

Barbie shop

june 20th 2016 185

Hello Sunshine

Hello sunshine

Lit glitter june 2016 021

Hoochie Mama

hoochie mama

Those are all the pots of glitter and the swatches. I used my special Olloclip lens, that clips on the front of my iphone and enables me to do really close up shots as it has two macro Lenses.

Lit glitter june 2016 055 Lit glitter june 2016 054

On the left is Barbie shop just placed on my hand with out the sugar water Lit base, and on the right is with the base. This will completely cover you’r eyelid with a block of glitter. However I find this base can be a bit crumbly when it dries, I don’t think it’s the best base but I’m yet to find a better one, It will do for now.

lit glitter


Barbie shop  (left) and Soul Sister (right). At the top of my hand is the glitter with out the base coat in the two glitters and the bottom row is the glitters with the base coat much more intensified.

I love these glitters, but I find Inglot glitters more refined and have better staying power even without using a base.

Lit has an extensive range of glitters and although they aren’t my favorite quality, I think they are still worth it for the variety.


Click here for the offical Lit cosmetic site. Prices are shown in USD $16

For a good English retailer with quite a good selection check out Beauty Bay . Prices range from £8.49 £12.95

Stay tuned for more Tips, Tricks, how to’s and reviews.

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