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China Glaze Neon Nail Art

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china glaze neon nail art

The time for brights is every day!! Check out my china glaze Neon nail art How to.

The polishes I used for this were all from China Glaze. I love china Glaze, they have the best bright colours, However I wish the consistency of the polishes were stronger, as often I find they need three coats.

The main colour I used for this look is called Orange Knockout. I feel like this colour almost glows in the dusky light of the evening, it’s that bright.

The next two colours are Pink Voltage and Flip Flop Fantasy; this is a beautiful almost pastel neon orange colour. It’s a great beach colour, especially on the toes.

china glaze neon nails 1

  • I painted my thumb and my first three fingers with Orange Knockout
  • Then I painted the tips of my nail with Pink Voltage, only a small amount on my middle finger, and a larger amount on my ring finger,
  • I used my striper brush to draw a line with Flip Flop Fantasy, to make my design extra cool, AND to cover all the mistakes.
  • Next I took some of my shiny rose metallic tape (from ebay) lined it up along side my striped line and stuck it down (the tape is sticky)
  • Baby finger got a coat of Flip Flop fantasy.

china glaze neon nails 2
















  • I followed the same kind of system.
  • Thumb and first two nails in Knock out Orange
  • Third in Pink voltage
  • Baby in Flip flop fantasy
  • I added more detail with my striper pen, diagonally on my ring finger.
  • I made a dot on my index finger with Pink Voltage (didn’t come out to strongly)
  • I place the pink tape in a V shape on my index finger
  • Carefully filling in the tip with the Flip Flop Fantasy; I used a short stiff nail art brush for this
  • I also placed a pink diagonal sweep on the corner of the baby finger in Pink Voltage. (you can’t really see it in this pic.

Finish off both hands with a top coat especially to stick down the tape!!!!!

I found that placing pink voltage and Orange knockout on each other doesn’t particularly show up. Flip Flop Fantasy on the other hand is a great one for adding extra detail.

Hope you enjoyed. My bright nails


Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, how to’s and reviews

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