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Review: Nina Ultra Pro Neon Nail Polish

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So this week I am doing a Review: Nina Ultra Pro Neon Nail Polish. I love my brights. Summer, winter come rain or come shine. With a vibrant coloured lacquer  I’m a happy bunny…..

Unless of course it stains my nails yellow.

Now the consistency of these polishes aren’t the best quality, if I’m comparing it to O.P.I. standards; but for a polish that only cost me £3.95 nor do I expect it. However I used a base coat applied two coats of this bright Yellow called Calypso Of The Heart, before I used my sponge to stipple on the bright orange nail polish , in Socca Up The Sun,  to create this fiery  look.

However, upon removing my nail polish, I discovered that my nails had been stained yellow. Despite the fact I applied a base coat my nails, it looked as if I’d been smoking 20 a day. Grossssssss

I truly liked this colour and it’s always a risk with yellows but I wont be wearing it again as the staining was too bad.

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This polish doesn’t apply amazingly but I do really like the applicator brush, it’s designed super well, like the Bourjour polish brushes. Its the kind of shape brush that is curved to fit your nails. This is a big bonus. I will try there products again, I just don’t think I will be trying any yellows or greens for a while.


Stay tuned for more Tips, Tricks, How-to’s and reviews……

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