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Cindy Crawford Glowing Serum Review

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cindy crawford glow serum review

Cindy Crawford glowing serum is not something I would usually pick up but a friend gave me a sample of it and I love ❤ getting freebies!

Now I believe this is more of an anti aging product. However the description doesn’t actually say that but it’s within that kind of a range. Cindy says:

 ….to help smooth and condition, leaving your complexion with a youthful, luminous glow, whilst also boosting hydration.

Any who I thought let me give this ago. Applying this serum it feels quite tacky but once it’s on you can’t feel anything on the skin at all. It does take a while for it to sink in however.

My skin did not glow! Although I’m not cray cray and I didn’t really believe that would happen. I have super oily skin but dehydrated, I do think it felt more hydrated. Over all this product isn’t worth the £30.95 for glowing skin, I’d say go for a jog it’s free and you’ll certainly get your glow on 😂.

Seriously though, I did find an unexpected use for this glowing serum, which is as a foundation primer. I applied the serum and put my foundation on straight away, it seemed to help it glide on as well as add an extra dewy glow to my overall foundation look.  It even helped with my large pores to stop the foundation from getting trapped in them as much as usual.

cindy crawford glow serum review

Dear Ms. Cindy I think you should be plugging this bad boy as a foundation primer, that leaves your skin hydrated even when you take the foundation off at the end of the day, the skin feels in better condition than it normally does when I tae my makeup off.

This product is too pricey for me but for a free sample I really like it. I will have to really have to think about whether I will purchase it in the future, but it wont be as a Glowing Serum it will be as a proper good primer.

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