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Got My Haul On! My Tilly Makeup Haul

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makeup haul

Is there anything better than going shopping for just one thing and coming home with crap loads of makeup…………. errrrr Nah! Tilly makeup haul time. Whoop Whoop!



First things first from left to right:216, 288,264

kiko 3 colours test

The colours seem pretty strong, I’ve already tested a couple out on my eyes and I really liked the effect. It doesn’t feel like a luxury product but they seem to smudge well, and come out strong.

kiko green and gold packaging

Left to right: 30, 23

These two are very shimmery, they are not as pigmented as the previous three.

kiko green and gold

I like the colours but they are more sheer and glittery. So good for either a subtle look, or to put over another stronger colour for a touch of sparkle.

kiko eye primer

Eye Primer.

kiko eye primer test

This looks like a pale skin colour. It blends out quickly it’s not a strong base colour though. Creamy slightly tacky (in a good way) texture. I’ve used it a couple times and so far so good. Colours seam strong didn’t seam to move around, what more could you want.

Inglot brow pencil


Brow pencil No.512. I think this colour is slightly to light for me, but I like the product, it’s very waxy and it comes out with a light touch, so you don’t end up with really heavy looking brows.

Inglot sparkle dust test

Inglot Sparkling Dust No.1. Love this! It’s very versatile. I mixed it with a foundation and it became super shiny, it turned into some kind of ultra glow! When I mixed it with my moisturiser and spread it all over my legs arms and shoulders I became the most glittery lady! I also used it as an eyeshadow, it was super sparkly. This is super versatile it’s not just for cheek bones, and you get loads in the pot.

laura meria test

On the right is Laura Mercier Lipstick and the Left Is Inglot Lip liner/Lipstick.

make up haul laura mercia

This cream liner is great. It’s also by Laura Mercier and is super black and a lovely consistency. I prefer creams because the gel ones sometimes crumble on the eyes after they’ve set.  I like this one to because you can blend it out to create a smoky eye

All in all I am pretty pleased with my buys. So far I have used most of them to great effect!

Whoop. I will keep you posted.

For more tricks, tips, how to’s and reviews stay tuned…..



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