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Get The Look: Singer Kali Uchis

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Get The Look: Singer Kali Uchis. This was such a fun look to create. Inspired by the wonderful Kali Uchis, not just a snazzy dresser but also a great singer. I love her chilled out songs and her retro style.

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Together with Flavourmag I got to create the makeup for a fashion article about how to get Kali Uchis Style. For the makeup I drew inspiration from a couple of pics I’ve seen of her; with 1960’s style eye makeup. This is what I came up with.

First off the eye’s:

kali Uchis

  • She has really strong dark brown/black eyebrows in a lot of her photo’s so I went for a more arched brow and very defined. I heavily filled it in with my Soap and Glory Archery Brow and Tint Precision Shaping Pencil
  • I used the white from my Sleek Primer Palette over the lid
  • Next I used the palest two pinks from my sleek good girls palet on the lid.
  • next I took a stiff small round contour brush or mini socket brush and a dark chocolatey brown from my Sleek Oh So Special palette and I carefully and strongly applied in in a arc shap from the outer corner to the inner corner of my eye. Only along the crease of my eye. My eye’s aren’t naturally as arched as this so I slightly raised it up in the middle to create that illusion.
  • I then took my Laura Mercia Cream eye liner and I created a full looking wing. I winged more up rather than out.
  • from the oh so special palette I placed the pale matte colour along my brow bone.
  • Lastly I put these heavy faulse eyelashes on for that true retro look.

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The face

  • I contoured slightly under my cheek bone using mac Dark Deep
  • I used a pearly white highlighter above my cheek in Lightscapade also by Mac
  • For the Lips I used a bold bright pink lip pencil to line the lips
  • To fill in the lips I used Macs Saint Germain a cool toned light pink. I wanted the edges of the lip to stand out slightly for that extra retro/slightly ombre feel

I really loved this I looked so different. I did this in conjunction with FlavourMag get the look. Together we tried to recreate Kali Uchis style. click on the link to see the fashion article. It was the funnest day, I got to play dress up and have some great photo’s taken too.

The products I used

Kalis Uchi

I know it looks cray cray that I used 3 palettes but actually all you really need is a really pale colour, whether it be pink/white/baby blue and a dark chocolate brown. and if you want another colour for a highlighting the brow bone.


I hope you enjoyed this. Check out the flavour article. and stay tuned for more tips, tricks, how-to’s and reviews. Whoop whoop!

Check out kali Uchis below.


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