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Benefits Bad Gal Vs. Roller Lash Mascara. Which one are you?

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Benefits Bad Gal Vs. Roller Lash Mascara. Is there a difference? Yes, as it turns out. I didn’t actually know what the difference was exactly, as I have always worn them separately (obvs). I always thought Bad Gal was “blacker”  and roller Lash did slightly curl me lashes…. However these are the results of my investigation. Dun Dun Duuuuuuun

Benefit mascara


Benefit mascara

After: Left Is Bad Gal and The right is Roller Lash

My lashes were longer and more lifted with both. I actually really like both Mascara’s but I did find that Roller Lash made my lashes stick together a little bit. Roller lash is darker and more intense. It has a striking pointy look to it. It definitely lifted my straight lashes, and gave a dramatic effect. Benefit mascara

Left Bad Gal Right Roller Lash

Bad Gal I found to have a more feathery look to it. Giving the illusion that I have more lashes. I also thought this mascara looked more natural. Personally I preferred this mascara, it gave me fuller looking lashes and it’s not as dramatic.

bad girl benefit mascarabenefit mascara 002

The Bad Gal mascara wand is like a regular wand, big and fluffy, it gets loaded up full of product and as it is applied it helps to spread the lashes and make them look full but not clumpy.

roller curl benefit mascara benefit mascara 004

The Roller Lash is curved and plastic, it applies a lot of product, it helps to really get in there at the base of the lashes.

All in all I think both mascara’s are of a good consistency, I prefer bad gal as it’s more natural looking, although I have to admit Roller Lash does look better in photo’s.

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