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Models Own Review: It’s all about the Chrome nails baby!

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It’s all about the Chrome nails baby. Yesterday I purchased this Models Own Polish in Chrome Rose. which is a beautiful subtle rose pink colour.

To be honest I don’t know if I would call this chrome, in my mind chrome is a highly shiny metal, isn’t it?  Like the outside of the nail polish bottle. Where as this is more like a brushed metal effect.

models own chrome rose and opi sprung

Any who I still like it although I don’t agree with the title. This foil effect is so soft and silky looking and I am loving the warm colour I picked.

This Models Own polish is quick to chip, in fact it doesn’t chip as such but it scratches off. Because it’s like a foil paint, it actually scrapes off as if it was a sheet of tin foil. So a top coat is absolutely essential. I do find though that these type of polishes even with a top coat don’t last as long.

I thought I’d just do the tips with the chrome and I used an old OPI polish in the colour Sprung as the main colour. I love this one it’s so autumny and sparkly, with it’s flecks of auburn and gold. It really compliments the Chrome Rose.

opi mariah carey sprung

Look how sparkly this OPI is.

So there you have my funky looking nails and a Models Own Chrome review.

Stay tuned…….


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