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Neutral Nails Are In, But Why Not Add A Bit Of Bling

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nail art design with o.p.i and Morgan Taylor polish

Neutral nails are in, but why not add a bit of bling! I have been noticing all the nude nail polishes that have been coming out, from greys to cashmere’s, so I thought I would join the band wagon.

On the left is the very on trend Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around  which was a limited edition O.P.I nail polish as part of the Brazil Collection. However O.P.I have some really good staple nudes that you could sub in for this, e.g Tickle my franc-y or Berlin There Done That.

I bought these nail jewels a couple of months ago, and finally I got the chance to use them. Now they aren’t the usual gold shiny bling, these are an old gold colour with a brushed metal effect. They are ever so edgy…… It’s just how I live my life, on the edge. Now these Nail studs weren’t as great as I thought, they were tricky to peal off the paper and they have a hollow inside which makes it difficult to stick on to the surface of the nail. I used nail glue, I can’t imagine sticking these on my nails with just a top coat I think they would come straight off. Not a very practical design but they are a nice look.

Nina Ultra Pro Nail studs

I like how they looked on the nude nail, I thought the combination worked really well. Then I thought how would this look on a khaki colour. That’s when I painted my nails in this Morgan Taylor nail polish in Power Suit. I can’t find a U.K. retailer for Morgan Taylor so if you are in the U.K you would have to look online. Or Esse always has an interesting range of colours, If you want a khaki green I would go for Power Clutch. Which is kind of funny that they have similar names and are similar colours, I guess Khaki is a powerful shade of green.

This combination has a completely different look and feel, but I love it just as much. I am pretty pleased with how this turned out.

Taaaa Daaaaaaa. How to Jazz up your on trend neutral nails. Ohhh yeah baby.

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