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My 1950’s H&M outfit! Mad Men Here I come

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It soooo cold outside but I don’t want to only wear Jeans and extra thick leggings. I love wearing dresses. So when i saw this skirt, I new it was the answer to my winter wardrobe problems. I bought this 1950’s H&M outfit, before christmas and unfortunately I don’t think they’re still doing them, but they are still doing these longer length skirts. I love it because it doesn’t make me look frumpy, as it’s retro…. and who doesn’t love a  1950’s circle skirt. I love it I feel like I’ve stepped out of an episode of mad men . I really want to get these skirts next to continue with my new found theme…..

hm crinkled skirt

hm skirt in textured weave


You see I love being warm, but I like to feel really feminine too, and whilst everyone is covering up in denim, I want to sometimes be able to wear that thing that makes people say, “oh wow I love your skirt”. Do you know why you love my skirt? Because you haven’t seen anyone where one in the day since summer!

Heavy skirt warm tights cute court shoes or my trusty leather boots, that’s how I’m rolling this winter.

I coupled this with a beautiful silky yellow blouse. My look was complete, no drab colours here Teal and Yellow. why not ey?

stay tuned for the make up look to go with this.


china glaze neon nail art

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