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I’m On A Boat! Hence My Marine Inspired Nails

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marine inspired nails

Sooooo this weekend I was invited to go on the Quantum of the Seas inaugural sail. This is the world smartest cruise ship because it has crap loads of technology. As I was uber excited, I thought I would Jazz myself up for the occasion. Starting with my Marine inspired nails….. I know any excuse.

So here it is!

I used a lot of colours and techniques for this look, call me OTT. These were the selection of nail varnish’s I selected.

marine nail varnishes

The main colour I used on most of my nails was the Turn Up Turquoise, which is a vivid matte nail varnish from China Glaze.

On my left ring finger nail, and my right index finger nail I used Sea Horsin’ Around, which is a shimmery blue textured varnish. As its got the hole sand texture effect thing going on…. get it…. sea, sand. I really thought this one through guys.

I used At Vase value on my baby finger, but more importantly I used it to create my bubbles. With a dotting tool I placed dots of varying sizes on all my nails and let it dry. I then placed Turn Up Turquoise on top of At Vase value, almost completely covering it, thus creating my  bubbles, EPIC! The most important thing to remember is that what ever the base colour you choose, place that colour on top of the light dots giving it the bubble effect. Does that make sense? kind of…

marine inspired nails.

I then got happy placing an array of dots in various patterns using the beautiful pink Wish On  A Starfish. I generally tried to make it as if air bubbles were floating away, so I started bigger and gradually got smaller in curved lines.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had to add some a bit of sparkle. I chose Luxe and Lush as it reminds me of a mermaids tail. I dapped this on the sides and tips of various nails.

Finally I used my Cina Nail stickers

cina nail art sea stickers for marine inspired nail look

These are AMAZING!!! It’s like they new I would one day need to stick fish and general sea life on to my nails. That day came when I was about to embark on my first cruise ship experience.



Love this! I was so pleased with how this turned out it made me smile because it’s so fun. I did get a fair few comments on the ship about my nails.

Although china Glaze can be quite difficult to get hold of in the U.K unless you order it online, I have found that essie have a really good range of unusual colours. So for colour match purpose’s I would try the blue and green shades of what they have to offer. Also glitter wise I would go with a Barry M. I really like their sparkles.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I also did a review on the two sand varnishes here

china glaze, sea hors in' around and wishing on a starfish

Stay tuned For more Tips, Tricks and reviews.

Tilly x






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