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Easy Halloween Nails: How To

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halloween spiderweb nails

After putting on your Zombie outfit or having transformed yourself into a Vampire, which is when you realise I’ve spent four hours doing my make-up but I have forgotten to do my nails! ┬áNever fear Tilly is here, with a super easy Halloween nails design.

OPI cant afjord not to

First I took this beautiful orange from the Autumn OPI Nordic Collection , Can’t Afjord Not To, and slapped on two coats. I love this colour it’s so much more orange in real life.

halloween spider webnails

Next I took a stripper pen and drew several lines all coming from one point, I chose to do it on from the nail bed.

halloween cob web nails


I used the striper pen to draw little lines in-between, I found it looked more effective when I drew these lines so they wouldn’t all meet up, the more higgledy piggledy the better I say.

Last but not least I wanted a little more texture so I painted on a matte top coat onto half of my nails, just for an interesting effect.

nails varnish collection

This was super easy, you don’t have to be neat. but you do need a stripper pen. It is very basic.

Stay Tuned for more tips, tricks and reviews

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