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Do I love a bargain? Hells yeah………New Look SALE!!!

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So maybe I accidentally went shopping and bought some lovely goodies. I could hardly help myself it was the New Look Sale (one of my faves) and they always have so many kimonos. However for some reason I didn’t find any Kimonos I liked or that were in my size, (Boooooo, Thumbs down). It’s ok, I did walk away with a couple of things I liked.

These amazing floral joggers (I think they were £11), are soft and comfortable in a light cotton fabric. oh yeah baby, I got summer vibes on my trousers!

I couldn’t find the exact items online but here’s there sales page

new look sale out fit

I paired these bad boys with these fun and colourful Diamond patterned shoes! err these shoes are amazing I can’t believe they were only £5 in the sale! Good times.

new look shoes

The top is from Boo hoo, I love it! The off the shoulder look reminds me of some kind of a Mariah music video from the 90’s. Summer might be over but I’m still gonna be rocking this look, I may put a jumper on though!

Hope you enjoy

Tilly x


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