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Owwww Luscious Lips Review: Loreal Paris GlamMatte Baby!

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Loreal Paris GlamMatte Lipgloss has got to be one of my favourite buys of the summer. When first applied  it comes out rather glossy (as the picture above demon-straights) but after it settles, it turns into the most luxurious matte colour. I do find however it’s not a 100% matte it’s actually got a velvety look to it. I especially like this red colour I have chosen as it reminds me of the look and texture of a red rose petal

This product is really unique: It is in a lipgloss style of packaging and is applied in the same way but instead of being a sheer gloss it is a rather a strong block of bold colour. The texture is very creamy, it feels lovely when applied. after a minute it sinks in and becomes more velvety in it’s appearance, (As you can see from the picture below).

loreal matt lipgloss


This product doesn’t last as long as a matte lipstick would but it also doesn’t end up feeling as dry as matte lipsticks can often feel. It has enough longevity for me and it’s not something I feel I have to constantly reapply after sipping a drink or talking to much.  I adore this romantic colour in 510 Cherry Crop, it is a bold red with a big pink kick behind it to give it that extra feminine look.  I would definitely buy this un-glossy gloss again.

glam matte loreal lipgloss

This is the snazzy packaging it comes. Just so you know what to look out for when your perusing the isles of Superdrug.

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