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Gelish Nail Polish Removal

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Gelish removal

As I have found a new love in Gelish nail polishes,( which is a soft gel polish system that can last up to three weeks). I thought I would do a quick how to on the removal.

Now removing these bad boys is sooooooooooooo boring! You could go to the salon and pay about £5-10 for a lovely therapist to remove it; but if you’re short on time or on mouler here’s my way of removing it.

Firstly use a white block to take the shine off the polish, this will help to make the surface porous so the acetone can penetrate the layers.

Gelish removal

Next you’ll need to chop up some cotton pads into quarters or halves. Don’t cut it in the triangle shape I have done. I was trying something new but it turned out it was way more fiddley.

gelish removal step 3

Cut out 10 squares of foil and soak the cotton wool in acetone. Place cotton wool on the finger nail.

gelish removal step 4

Place the foil over the nail and fold down the top and wrap tightly around the finger. Wrap all the nails. I have tried to do both hands by myself at the same time but it’s difficult to get it really tight and therefore isn’t as effective. Now if you are alone you will have to do one hand at a time, but if you got a friend/family member with you, they can wrap your second set of nails for you.  Then you’ll end up looking like Wolverine, Yay!

Leave this on for 10 minutes for

When you unwrap your nails a lot of the polish will crumble off and will have become almost rubbery. Any stubborn bits left you can use an orangewood/birchwood stick to gently push off. However you must be carful not to damage the nail by pushing to hard. If it is really stubborn you’ll have to wrap them up again.

gelish removal step 6

To finish I moisturised my hands and put some cuticle oil on as acetone is incredibly dehydrating.

Ta Daaaaa

Hope that was helpful.







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