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Hip Hop Style Special!!! Make Up How To

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strong winged eyeliner. hip hop inspired eyes

What up Internet!  Uh ah, uh ah, yeah , ah check my lyrics…………………. oh wait I forgot I don’t actually no how to rap. I do however know how to get my Hip Hop Style on. Last week I went to a great Hip Hop and R&B night called  Super Duper Fly, playing the best of what the 90’s and ‘noughties’ had to offer.  This was my inspiration for this post.

Hip hop style make up, bold red gradient lips, and strong eyeliner

I kept it pretty simple colour wise, whilst achieving a strong look.

  • First I used my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, unfortunately it’s now to light for me as I have been on holiday, this foundation is number 3W1 Tawny 37, come winter it will be fine.
  • I then used a sleek face contouring kit to in colour Light to contour under my cheek bones.
  • I used my MAC Soft And Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish above my cheek bones. Which left a pearly glow. I didn’t use blusher as I wanted a more severe look
  • For the eye’s I used Mac’s Vanilla, a very light cream colour, all over the lid
  • I used a large blending brush and a medium brown toned shadow and swept it across the crease and above the crease
  • I used a dark brown shadow in the crease with a pointed firm crease brush to add depth
  • I used a bright shimmery white just under the arch of my eyebrow and in the inner corner of my eye
  • I then swept this bright white eyeshadow under the inner part of my eye
  • Now for the Drama! I took my YSL (gel) eyeliner and lined my top lid, starting out thin and gradually making it thicker
  • I then winged it out and upwards dramatically, with a thin angled brush
  • next I carefully drew a thin line with my angled brush in the inner corner of my eye, along side my eye duct.
  • Under my eye: I used the angled brush to line under my waterline starting from the outside
  • When I got to the middle of the eye I began to draw the line further away from the waterline creating more of a gap until I got to the inner corner of the eye; where I made the line thinner until it reached a point
  • If you go wrong just use a cotton bud to wipe away and try again
  • You also might need to re-apply some of the white shadow to make more of a contrast
  • Using my black Estee Lauder pencil I lined my water line.
  • I finished it off with Ardell fake eyelashes in 110 wine colour

hip hop lips, red lipstick, ombre lips.

For the Lips:

  • I lined my lips with Mac’s lip liner in Plum, which is quite a deep colour
  • Next I used Rimmel From the Kate Moss Collection 111 which is a dark matt red, for the outer corners of my lips
  • Then I used Rimmel Kate Moss 107 which is a bright matt red colour for the central parts of my lip.

The hardest part was the eyeliner on the bottom of my eye, you need a steady hand and not to much product on your brush. I enjoyed this look, and my evening. I want to dedicate this look to my fave’ Hip Hip website Hip Hop Life and Times they provide the latest news and releases of artists Globally as well as avidly supporting U.K acts, and keeping us up to date with what’s happening on the underground scene. Thanks guys you rule!!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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