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China Glaze : Ombre/ Gradient Nails How To

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So, I accidentally bought most of the China Glaze Spring Collection, even though it’s summer. Oh dear! In my defence I have now created a wicked ombre/gradient nail art design. Soooo it worked out pretty well then. Right guys?

Here’s how I did it

This design is made up of three shades of pink and three shades of purple .

I started with the darkest shades on the baby fingers and then worked my way inwards getting lighter in polish until the forefinger.

I then took the medium shade and the light shade (from the same hand) as well as the lightest shade from the opposite hand (in that order) and used a sponge to create the gradient of colours.

I did the same in reverse on the opposite hand.

For the thumb I used the medium and then the dark shade from the opposite hand and then the medium shade from the same hand for the tip of the nail.

Again I did the same in reverse on the second hand.

how to step by step china glaze

To create this affect,  paint a line of the three colours and gently dab across the nail. I painted my nail with a white colour first so that the colours would stand out more.


The thumbs are my least favourite; I think they turned out too bright.

Nail Varnishes Used:

China glaze purple hand



(Lilac Hand)

Index Finger – Lily Bit

Ring Finger РLotus Begin

Baby finger – What a pansy

china glaze pink 1 hand

(Pink Hand)

Index Finger – Spring In My Step

Ring Finger – Petal To The Metal

Baby Finger – Strike A Rose

China glaze spring in my step collection

I hope you enjoyed the look! This ‘how to’ was quite difficult to explain but I am sure coupled with the images you can get the gist of what I am saying.

Give it a go! Do something bright. I have had so many compliments already. I just wished nail varnish lasted a lot longer.

CG both hands L017




china glaze neon nail art

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