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Gelish Colours Nails Review

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Gelish pacific Sunset polish Review

My first set of Gelish nails! ohhh la la. What is Gelish I hear you say, well it’s a gel polish that can last up to two or three weeks.  As I was about to go on holiday I decided to get my Gel on; and boy there was a lot of Gelish colours to choose from. I can be pretty clumsy at times and my number one way of breaking my nails is because I’ve smacked my hand into a wall, door or table.  Knowing I’d be swimming in the sea and hanging out on a pebbled beach I thought it’s best to give my nails some extra protection from my heavy handed self.

Now most of us I am sure have heard of Shellac, which is some sort of magical polish that lasts up to 14 days or more.  I thought Shellac was the same as Gelish polish but it turns out it’s not. Gelish is a gel polish and Shellac is a power polish……….. what does that mean! It means Gelish lasts longer (2-3 plus weeks) as it is actually a gel, where as Shellac is a permanent polish lasting 14 days plus. Gelish is stronger and more durable, so that’s why I went with them. I do genuinely think Shellac is a really good product but I am also aware that they have a really good marketing campaign behind them, probably the best out of all the brands selling this type of product.

The colour you see on my nails is from the new Gelish collection Colours Of Paradise and it’s called Pacific Sunset. I love the bright neon pink for summer. It lasted really well, everyday I swam loads; I slammed my nails into walls, doors and tables as per usual, and because of the thick strong gel it prevented my nails from breaking. Not only did I have longevity of the polish itself but I also had an extra protective layer preventing my real nails from breaking. My nails lasted two weeks and then my thumb nail started pealing off. I found that during the process of application the gel shrank away from the edges, leaving a slightly bigger gap between nail and cuticle than I would leave when painting my nails with polish, but only slightly. It wasn’t a problem but the reason I mention it, is because after two weeks you can really notice that gap. It’s not a complaint though more of an observation.

The removal: It’s kinda’ long but I just wrapped my nails in acetone soaked cotton wool and then wrapped tin foil around that to hold it on my fingers. Which is cool because you end up looking like Wolverine. After that most of them turn into an almost rubber like texture and either peel or crumble off. A couple needed some extra coaxing with a birchwood stick. Be careful not to press to hard and damage the nail though. I’ve had different brands of Gel polish previously and so far this one was the easiest to remove, and didn’t damage my nails. Be gentle though otherwise you could hurt your nails, remember the old “saying slowly slowly, catchy monkey.”

I want to thank Judi (click here for her Facebook page) for doing my lovely Gelish nails, she sure knows her stuff.  She gave me a wonderful manicure, she’s fast, funny and a true professional. Shout out to Judi! I like your style lady. You can follow her on twitter @beautyhouse190 for all your tanning and Gelish needs.


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