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Shadow Shields Review

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A picture of Shadow Shields

I often like to do dramatic eye make up but alas with the use of heavy dark colours being applied there can be rather a lot of eyeshadow speckled upon my cheeks and side of my nose, which is so annoying to remove especially if I’ve already done my foundation. When I saw these Shadow Shields, I thought what a good idea this will solve my problems. Then I hesitated thinking, should I really spend £4.99 on something that may not work, might be really fiddly and after one use I’d have to throw away.  The next time I saw them I thought come on it’s only £4.99, do it I don’t have to use them everyday.

I shouldn’t have done it…..

Taking them out of the packaging I noticed how soft the fabric of the shield was. A similar type of feel to a tea bag in a way, but a thicker and softer cotton. My first impressions were good, then I peeled off the backing to reveal the sticky surface (uh Oh). I carefully applied one and then the other under my eyes. I tried to peel the left one off slightly to make sure it lined up symmetrically with the right side, which is when I realised not only are these shields used to stop the fall out from the powder of eye shadow, but these can also be used as guide lines to help create the perfect winged liner or  a dramatic eye shadow look, as they extend far enough out towards the eyebrow to do so. These shields due to the shape of the design perfectly wing outward from the face to catch any annoying residue.

A picture of shadow shields

However despite all of these positive comments when it came time to taking them off they became very unpleasant. The shadow shields pulled at my skin, stretching it far away from my face and eyeball, as you can see in the photo. Considering the under eye area is so delicate, this thing felt  like I was pulling off a plaster. It is so well adhered to the skin, too well if you ask me. It removed my foundation big time, and left me feeling  little sore.

After all this I thought maybe if I can take some of the stickiness out it might be a usable product. The next time I used them I peeled off the backing, stuck them on the back off my hand and peeled them off and re-stuck them down three or four times, then I applied them under my eye.  Did this work NOPE! The picture I have taken is of this less sticky time I used it. LESS STICKY, LESS STICKY, but yet pulling my skin how far away from my face. Ich don’t think so, not cool at all.

It gets worse as I am a fool! They were on offer on buy one get another one half price so now I am stuck with two boxes of these  bliming duck tape like shadow shields, do I risk it for a chocolate biscuit?…… Hmmm the answer for me is no. Such a good idea but sooo not enjoyable to remove.

Oh Well, the search continues ……

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and review.

Tilly Li Loves x



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