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Wireless Festival MakeUp: How to?

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WHOOOOOOOOOOP WIRLESS Festival!!!! Get in…………… So I did! Myself and my lovely ladies attended Wireless and had a brilliant time. Getting ready I decided to put on a tropical patterned top, this was my inspiration for my make up look.

I used the greens for my eyes and complemented the reddish/pink flowers  lipstick choice…. It got pretty bright. Here’s how I created my Wireless Festival MakeUp using Mac Foundation, Mac products, Inglots and more:

  • Firstly I took MAC Guacamole which is a beautiful medium/sky blue colour and patted it on the outter half of my eye lids
  • Then I used Inglots Rainbow eyeshadow, (which are three shades of green in one eyeshadow) in No. 109R which are Jungle green tones, ranging from light, medium and dark, I used the light one.
  • With a patting motion I blended out the harsh line between the blue and green, to make it more graduated.
  • In the inner corner of the eye, to add a bright highlight I used Inglots AMC Shine No.41, which is a bright shimmery lime green.
  • I mirrored these colours under the lower lash line, with the blue colour on the outer edge blending into the jungle green, on the inner edge, until it meets the vibrant lime tone in the inner corner.
  • I took a neutral light/medium matt brown shadow (unfortunately I don’t know the name by MAC and ran it over the crease line with a fluffy blending brush.
  • I used a pinky highlight from Benefit with a lot of shimmer on the brow bone. Not too much though, just a hint

Wireless Make up As it was a hot day and I knew I was going to get my sweat on I made sure I used a lot of powder to set my foundation especially on the bridge of my nose where my sunglasses would be resting.

To complete the look I applied Mac Gold Trace Blusher which is a bronze blusher with a golden shimmer to it. Lastly Candy Cane from Sleek, which is a blazin’ deep pink.

I had a wonderful day and my make up  sure did amplify the festival vibe I was on. If there’s ever a time to go bright it’s at a festival.

To see what I wore to the festival that inspired this look click here

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