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OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection Glitters Review

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If OPI could stop producing glitter polishes I would save myself a fortune, but when they came out with the Muppets Most Wanted collection I thought gee whizz, all my christmas’s have come at once…… and then I thought oh crap I’m about to spend all my wages.

I tried out most of them as you can see. I’m a firm believer in the notion that glitter can’t clash with glitter, right? There are two renegade glitters on my fingers, the one with red and white bits is actually from the OPI Mini Mouse collection “Mini Style” also the turquoise and purple one is from another collection ( I forget which one) all the rest are from the Muppet Most Wanted.

OPI glitter all

I love the look of all of these varnishes, the colour combination, the shapes and sizes of the glitters, beautiful. However I am not impressed with how sparse the glitter is. I had to apply four coats to produce what you see in the pics. So annoying I don’t want my polish to be that thick or to have to hang around for it to dry either.

Basically I love the look, but its way to much effort to achieve it. Come on OPI just add some more sparkley bits into these polishes.

What do you think? to buy or not to buy that is the question…..

Tilly Li


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