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IllusionEyes & Rimmel Lasting Colour Rush Lip Balm

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As I was on my way to the supermarket I accidentally (ahem) stopped by Superdrug’s, which is where I purchased this Rimmel Lasting Rush Colour Lip Balm, and these Glam Republic Illusion Eyes. I hadn’t seen a stick on eyeliner before, but the ones I chose had sparkly black glitter, so I couldn’t resist having ago. They are all reduced at the moment to about £1, so I thought even if they are rubbish it’s not such a loss. 

Illusion eyes 2

They are very simple to use, measure it to the length of your eye and trim it down carefully if it’s to long, peel the plastic backing off to reveal the sticky side, it also comes with some glue for extra adhesion, then place along the top of the lashes. And Ta Daaa….

illusion eyes

These are so much easier to apply than false eyelashes, but I didn’t think the glue they provided was up to much, so I used my duo eyelash glue instead,   which  seemed to work quite well. I think for a first attempt I put them on pretty well although next time I think I would place them a little higher on the  outer edge and use eyelash glue along the whole of the eyeliner not just the corners. I then decided to go for a cycle…. don’t know if that was such a good idea, it was pretty hot out. The left eyeliner decided to peal itself off in the inner corner, which is when it poked the skin of my eyelid. It was very scratchy and as I hadn’t brought any glue with me, on my leisurely jaunt, I pulled them both off. I think if they aren’t glued down properly my fear is that because they are pieces of some kind of plastic that they might get a bit stabby on the eye area. I think this is why they got reduced.

I will have another go with the smaller size left in the pack and see how I get on but I don’t think I would re-purchase, not unless they made them softer. It’s a shame because I really liked the over all affect, especially the glitter, I couldn’t really notice they were on after a while, but I don’t want to end up with a blood-shot eye. For a pound you could give it  a go but other wise I think this is just a miss.

Lip Pencil

I bought this Rimmel Lasting Rush Colour Lip Balm at the same time and I love it, I have been wearing it everyday, I like that it is slightly opaque like a lipgloss, but with better staying power. It looks like a jumbo sized crayon, it is a creamy texture and finish; it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I’m always looking for natural day time colours and this one really suits my skin tone and my natural lip colour. I bought the colour “I Want Candy”  which is a soft rosy colour. This was a good buy for sure,and it was £5.99 well worth it

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