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It’s here Ladies! Brazil Collection by O.P.I Review

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opi brazil collection

We all know it’s coming, the World Cup 2014!!! yeah…….. I’m not gonna lie, football isn’t really my thing, but I do get involved in the world cup fever. Even if you aren’t into football, what a great excuse to base a nail varnish collection on. Brazil is one of the most colourful diverse countries in the world. So cheers to the world cup for bringing us the Brazil Collection by O.P.I.

There are two Brazil Mini collections out, this one and the “sands”. I chose this one as I love all the colours. I find it quite hard to find greens and blue nail polishes that compliment my skin tone, I am quite yellow, and certain colours toned green/blues make me look like I’ve got jaundice (not to flattering). But this deep warm green AmazON…AmazOFF is really flattering against my skin tone. I decided to couple this Green up with the bright orange by the name of Where Did Suzi’s Man-go.

opi brazil green

Love this!!

I also created another nail look with the remaining two polishes. The first is my fave’ Next Stop …The Bikini Zone it’s a shimmery ,purpley,silvery, sparkly wondrous polish, I think it looks like a little galaxy in a bottle. Combining this with Kiss Me I’m Brazilian (don’t mind if I do) this colour is smoking hot, a bright burst of fresh Pink; and these two side by side I think look rather exciting. The quality and consistency of all these O.P.I’s are as ever really smooth with a strong application of the colour.

Opi Brazil pink copy

What’s your favorite?

Hope you enjoyed

For more tips, tricks and reviews Stay tuned….

Tilly Li


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