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Sleek Garden of Eden -How to

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I am in love with this new palette, sleek Garden Of Eden, it’s full of fresh greens and earthy toned neutrals. What more could a girl obsessed with green want.

I thought I’d whip up a quick look/ how to to celebrate my love for this new palette of mine.

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  • Firstly I took the colour Python a deep warm shimmery brown and applied this along my crease line to add depth
  • Then I took the lighter matt brown Forbidden and patted this onto the inner third and outer third of my eye leaving the middle section free
  • Taking the golden green colour Fig I placed this in the centre of the eye. Making sure to blend out any harsh lines
  • I then used these colours in the same order underneath my eye
  • In the very corner and underneath my eye I put a little dab of shimmery cream from another palette
  • To complete this look I used my ester Lauder Black eyeliner, a Rimmel Mascara, and a cheerful light pink lip


I really enjoyed this look. It made my eyes pop, and I got a fair few complements from my friends and family, whoop whoop!

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Sleek garden of eden


I also created two more looks from this pallet on the Flavourmag website, the worlds 1st live magazine. I did those looks on my friend/model Janita, so if you have darker skin tones I would recommend a peak or simply to look at two different ways to wear the colours from this palette.

Hope you enjoyed this look

Tilly Li





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    • Thank you so much. I checked out your blog the other day I think I might have to purchase some missha bb products. A good read! Followed you back.

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