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O.P.I Mariah Carey Pure 18k White Gold. FANCY PANTS!

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I wanted to jazz up my toes and I am pretty pleased with the result, using the luxurious Mariah Carey Pure 18k white Gold! Now I’ve got a hang up about my feet; they aren’t pretty and they are rather big. However, these things I can deal with.  My real hang up is that I can’t go with out polish on my toes, EVER! It just feels so wrong, as if I’ve walked out the house without any clothes on.  Even in winter I keep my toe nails painted; it is perhaps a compulsion that I don’t think I’ve ever shared until now. I also don’t particularly like patterns or unusual colours on my toes so I mainly stick with pinks and reds.

I have had my OPI Mariah Carey Pure (18k white gold and silver) nail polish since winter and I’ve only used it once. So, after I painted my toe nails with the OPI Koala Bear-y I thought why not make my feet feel special by adding a bit of luxury. When I first saw this polish it looked like a gimmick. Why would I buy a polish with white gold in it? It turns out,  I own nothing else like it. It isn’t the same as a glitter polish,  it glimmers and shimmers differently, even moves in a different way. It is a really special nail polish to have and I am glad I bought it. This photo doesn’t do it justice unfortunately, it isn’t as shiny as glitter nor as dramatic, but it is absolutely unique.

There is however one major drawback: it is not possible to wear this white gold and silver polish just on its own. They do call it a top coat and I understand why because if applied on it’s own the actual clear top coat part of it comes out a nicotine yellow colour, which nobody wants.  So, a base colour is a must for Mariah Carey Pure. This is a shame as I would have liked to have built up layers of gold and silver leaf on its own. Also when applied on top of the colour polish of your choice you must make sure it is completely dry as the Pure polish has a tendancy to pick up the underneath colour on its brush therefore potentially staining the gold leaf. The answer is quick and few strokes. I am still happy with my purchase as it glamorises any polish beneath it. This looks fantastic on top of deep reds.

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