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Lichtenstein Pop Art Make up and Nails

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Perhaps not a look you could wear to do the shopping in but it was toooo much fun to do, that’s for sure. So here goes my Lichtenstein pop art make up AND nails just for you! Excited much!

The night before I spent a million years (roughly) on my elaborate nail art design. My sister who was very impressed, said it reminded her of a pop art skirt I have, and then it came to me why stop at the nails when I could become Pop Art for one day.

Roy Lichtenstein’s work is something we’ve all been exposed to during our lives, he is an Icon, and he was my inspiration for this. Remember watching the afternoon T.V. shows of Batman and Robin, and when they’d throw a punch and a big “Pow” or “whaam” sign would appear, pop art is fun with its bold colours and defined lines, so doing this exaggerated look was very fun.


My inspiration by Roy Lichtenstein, I used several different images to come up with my look.

hair make up march 31 186 copy


I tried to do the retro hair, but I took the rollers out prematurely, but you get the general gist.

Lichtenstein nails

My nails that took forever, but I was so pleased with how they turned out. Everyday I put another layer of top coat so i could keep them a hole week. I used 10 different polishes and striper pens to achieve this.

This isn’t a ready-to-wear type of make-up and nail design, but it was really fun to become a comic character and to transform my hole persona.

Tilly comic look 3 copy

The skirt which was one of my inspirations

Also check out this YouTube Guru, PinkFlyingCow87 her vids’ helped me with the nail art design she is out of this world good! A definite must watch.

I hope you enjoyed this.




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