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MakeUp Look: Golden Whistler

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Makeup Look: Golden Whistler. This is a bird Native to Australia and now this birds colours are native to my eyeshadow look.26 june 161 copy

Why? (I hear you cry) is this look called the “Golden Whistler”.Because that’s the name of a dark blue and bright yellow feathered  bird native to Australia, this bird also has a great name.

Does that answer your question? Because it shouldn’t, this is not actually the real bird I based my look on…………. the truth is, this look was inspired by the beautiful bird the “Great Tit” which is blue and yellow bird with splashes of grey, green, black and white. They live in the UK and in my back garden! So although I didn’t want to dishonour  all the “Great Tits” I have in my life, the name is just too funny and/or misleading for an innocent blog post about a make up look inspired by a colourful bird. So apologies to the Great Tits and thanks to the Golden Whistlers for lending me their name.

These are the things I used to create this look…….

Make ups 23 Jan 020 copy

Above are all Inglot Products. Starting from top left going clockwise is AMC eyeshadow 56, Eye Shadow pearl 428, Eye Shadow Matte 370, AMC Eyeliner  Gel Matte 86, AMC  Eyeliner Gel Matte 82

Step by Step

  • Firstly I applied the bright yellow shadow across the entire lid
  • I used a blending brush with the “mirky green” colour to add depth by applying it to the outer half of the crease and blending up
  • I also blended the green from the outer corner of the crease and pulled it down to meet the lash line creating a v shape
  • I lined the top lashes with the green gel liner
  • I lined the water line with the purple liner and winged this out
  • I then patted the royal blue colour under the lower lash line and on top of the purple liner.
  • Lastly mascara and a natural pink gloss.

26 june 158 copy 26 june 145 copy

I hope you like it.

Tilly x


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