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Bright Springtime Eyes

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I was feeling fresh faced and happy as the sun was shining outside my window. I had just painted my nails a glossy pink and metallic periwinkle blue, and I thought ‘this looks great I should do this on my eyes’ and that’s exactly what I did. Welcome to my Bright Springtime Eyes.

If I get off topic for a moment I would like to share with you my exciting news which is that I am now writing fortnightly beauty reviews/’how to’s’ for Flavourmag.co.uk I am thrilled to have this opportunity. The first article I did was last week and it was the nail look below that then inspired me to do this peppy and fresh eye shadow. Flavour 2 MU MARCH 008 copy If  you want to read this nail varnish review/’how to’ please go to Flavourmag and check it out. Now for the make-up this is what I used: MU March 3 003 copy Oh So Special daglicht   For this look I used the Sleek Oh so Special Palette. 

  • Firstly I gently swept the colour The Mail across the crease of my eye, with  super fluffy blending brush.
  • Next I took Wrapped Up which is an earthy aubergine pigment with a firmer fluffy blending brush along the crease line concentrating on the outer edge of the eye.
  • I used this same shadow under the lower lashes and along the outer edge.
  • I placed Gateau alongside this in the middle of the lower lash line, blending it in with Wrapped Up
  • Apply Pamper and Ribbon  in the inner corner of the lower lash line and all over the eye lid.
  • I used a liquid eyeliner along the outer edge of the upper mash line and winged it out
  • Taking  Make Up Store’s Mixing liquid and Barry M’s Glitter dust in No.25 I mixed these two together to make a dazzling metallic liquid eyeliner consistency and applied this with an angled brush along the inner corner to the middle of the upper lash line.
  • I lined the water line with my fave’ black pencil liner by Estee Lauder; Double Wear

MU March 3 007 copy This is an interesting product I don’t often use it but I would recommend it; you can scrape almost all eye shadow products into a little droplet of the mixing liquid and it will transform it into a usable liquid eyeliner with a high intensity look.  I works particularly well with any eye shadows with a shimmer as it makes them into metallics. Make-up march14 020 copy To finish this look I used a dash of bronzer for the cheeks and I lined and filled in my lips with a rosey natural toned lip liner, finishing it off with the glossy sleek pout polish which is a lip balm/tint. Unfortunately the name has rubbed off, but it’s a peachy colour. I hope you enjoy this look and check out the matching nails. Tilly x


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