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I am “Smitten” with Seche Vite

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I am Smitten with Seche Vite….. Ok worst joke ever!!! I am not ashamed, I’m still rolling with it. This beautiful colour is a bright red with a slight orange tone to it; very retro and glam. Every time I look at my nails all I can see is a beautiful pop of colour.

This polish is of a good consistency. You could practically get away with only one coat as it goes on thick but is really smooth, with a good brush head. Of course I use my fave seche top coat to finish it off, the world’s fastest drying top coat ( so they say).

A worthwhile buy, Seche have a beautiful range of colours. Make-up loves Smitten!!

P.s On the Seche website it says that this colour is a bright pink orange with a shimmer, but that’s not at all like the one I have so I am not sure if it’s the same.



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