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I have fancy nails for once, Courtesy of Judi at Essential Beauty

I love the new Gwen Stafani O.P.I Collection, It’s true to say I am a magpie for bright colours and this pink called “Hey Baby”, and hey baby indeed, is beautiful bold and bright. It’s right up my street

On the ‘top hand’ I have two half nails in the nail polish “I Sing in Colour” which is a deep maroon red, it didn’t come out very well in this picture as it looks black, but if you like your wines and aubergine shades this would be great for you.

On the ‘bottom hand’ the tips are in the colour “4 In The Morning”  Which is almost black but also has a type of gun metal effect and even more amazing is it’s matt, however  in this pic’ I have put a top coat on therefore it has lost it’s mattified effect. Above that with a striper pen is this beautiful shimmery gold “Love Angel Baby”  it’s a creamier  coloured gold as a posed to the OPI “Glitzerland” and when a hole nail is covered in this it really packs a punch. Last but not least is “In True stefani Fashion” which is on my baby finger, and is an intense silver glitter of differing sizes with some holographic pieces thrown in for good measure. Let me tell you the reflective nature of this is blinding! It blew my mind! Best glitter ever.

These polishes are extremely good quality, having great consistency and a really wonderful high gloss effect to them. You could get away with just one coat.

With the exception of “In True Stefani Fashion” The first four polishes I talked about all come as part of the Mini set,

gwen-stefani-opi-miniI don’t have one bad thing to say I love all of the colours I’ve tried from this collection, and a big thank you to Judi from Essential Beauty for jazzing up my hands with all the different colours.

Love Tilly xxx


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