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Sultry Valentines Day MakeUp Tutorial

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 This look is about having sultry eye’s and a focal point of red “Valentines day” Lips.

This is the kind of “date night” look I would wear, when I want to keep my make-up looking light but I also want add an little extra oomph to enhance the natural appearance of my eye’s, whilst keeping the focal point on my lips. After all that’s where the kissing happens……

Products I used

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  • YSL: (Gel) eyeliner effects
  • Mac :Satin Taupe
  • L’oreal  chrome shine: 172 (I did a review of this product here)

feb 12 020 feb 12 021

  • Mac: ……. I think it’s Rice Paper
  • Mac : Tenderling (sheertone Blush)


feb 7th MAKE-UP 064 copy


  • Mac: Amplified: Pink Fusion (click here for a review)


  • Firstly I took the eyeliner and drew this wing shape. I winged it out and then drew it under the eye
  • I took a smudge brush and before the eyeliner set I smudge it along the winged shape I created, and then with the excess I smudged it along and above the crease
  • I took Satin Taupe Which is a brown/aubergine shimmery colour and pressed it directly on top of the smudged eyeliner
  • I blended the Satin Taupe out
  • I pressed The L’oreal 172 along the rest of my eye as the main colour, placing it along my lid and blending it up.
  • I lined the outer third of my eye, close to my eyelashes with a black pencil and also my water line
  • I smudged the Satin taupe under my eye on the outer third
  • I smudged the L’oreal 172 along the rest of my under eye area
  • I used Rice paper very lightly as a subtle highlight
  • Mascara to finish

I hope you enjoyed

TTFN xxx



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