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How I do my eyebrows

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This is the before of my eyebrows.

Recently Kate over at Glitz and Glam Guru , remarked on how she thought I had rather nice eyebrows. Of course when someone gives a compliment, like most women I’m sure, I tend to think “what on earth are they on about” but then I realized my eyebrows were drawn in, in the photo Kate was looking at of me.

Unfortunately I have quite sparse eyebrows particularly the left one. as you can see in the above photo.I do NOT shape my own eyebrows EVER (it just never goes very well). I always get them threaded in a little salon, near by where I live. It only costs £3!!!! Why would I shape my own when it’s soo cheap to let the pro’s do it for me.

I bought these great stencils from e-bay. They came in a pack of 4, they were called ARDELL Brow Perfection Stencils. Three of the shapes don’t suit me at all, but one does which is all I need.

feb 7th MAKE-UP 011 copy


The stencil is see through so you can see exactly what your doing.

Then I apply either an eyebrow wax and then a pressed powder/eyeshadow or just a shadow I used different ones depending on my fancy. With a stiff brow brush, I really get in there.

feb 7th MAKE-UP 017 copy


This is the finished result.

I don’t like mine to look as neat as this and also I often elongate the end of the brow with the excess on my brow brush, as my brows are naturally longer than the stencil.

feb 7th MAKE-UP 019 copy


I brush out the excess colour with a mascara wond that  I use to brush my brows or lashes. This way it looks more natural

feb 7th MAKE-UP 007 feb 7th MAKE-UP 018 copy


Before and after


My eyebrows may look kind of wonky but it’s actually just how they are in real life. One brow is higher than the other and one is longer, who knows why!! Wonky face!

I would definitely recommend these stencils. If like me your not so good at straight lines, or one eyebrow is thicker than the other, or a different shape, these are great.  I could never free hand draw my eyebrows very well, but now I have my stencil.

This ones for you Kate.


Ta Ta For Now xxx


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