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Valentines “Lovers Pink” Make-up Look.

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Yes Valentines day is coming up. No I don’t have a Valentine but I do have my make-up!!!

This is one of the idea’s I came up with inspired by the day of love and there for extra pink. I have named this look “Lover’s Pink”, as there will be another look coming up I thought I should name them. I hope you enjoy

For this look I used

  • Sleek: Primer Palette
  • Sleek: Good girl Palette
  • Sleek: Sparkle Palette (Unfortunately I didn’t realize that both these palettes have been discontinued, oops )
  • Benefit eyeshadow: Nice Melons 
  • Lipgloss NYX : Dolly pink

Untitled-1 copy

1st Feb MAKE-UP 033 copy   1st Feb MAKE-UP 031 copy

  • The first pic, is the primer I used
  • The next pic, I took the second colour in from the left  (Good Girl Palette) and placed it all over the lid
  • Next I took the bright pink shadow third in from the left and put it on the outer third and I swept it along the crease blending it up.
  • Taking the Brightest Pink (the forth from the left) very lightly dust that over the outer corner

1st Feb MAKE-UP 032 copy

  • I took this deep aubergine on the right hand side and made a V shape along the crease and down to the lash line. (Sparkle Palette)
  • I blended this V so as it wouldn’t look as harsh.
  • I lined my lash line with liquid eyeliner, and added Mascara
  • Underneath my eye I placed the lightest colour from the sleek palette along the inner third
  • Taking the bright pink (third in from the left) and applying it from the middle to the outer edge f the eye
  • I then took the aubergine shadow putting it on top of the bright pink shadow

1st Feb MAKE-UP 035 copyI used this benefit shadow as a highlight along the brow bone and for the very inner corner next to the tear duct.

These are the brushes I used from top to bottom:

1st Feb MAKE-UP 037 copy

1. High light along brow bone

2. Pointed contour brush to create the V

3. Fluffy blending brush so blend out the pink

4. Fluffy contour brush to sweep the bright pint along the crease

5. Domed Shadow brush to apply the light pink all over the lid.

The finished Result. “Lover’s Pink” . Considering how sticky this lipgloss is I don’t think there will be much kissing!

1st Feb MAKE-UP 030 copy  1st Feb MAKE-UP 041 copy

1st Feb MAKE-UP 042 copy

Ta Ta For Now xxx


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    • Thanks, but in all honesty I don’t have a secret, perhaps because I drink a lot of water? I do put lip balms on as well either Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream OR my FAVE “YSL Top Secret Re-Plumping Concentrate Lip & Contour Shaper” (smells like mango’s). I have a weird thing that I can’t sleep unless I put a big dollop of lip balm on before bed. So maybe that’s my secret? I hope that’s helpful……..Do you moisturise your lips at bed time?

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