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Sleek Candy Cane Lipstick Review

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Make-up loves…….. sleek’s Candy cane this is an intense eye popping hot pink.

Annoyingly this is not conveyed in the photo’s I took. I think I need a better light, I played around with my settings for ages and this was the best picture I ended up with! You’ll have t trust me on this one, it is not a colour for the faint hearted. It would be great for summer, or to look extra funky on a club night out.
This retails at £4.99, yes that’s right so cheap but yet so cheerful. The only bad point I would make is that the lipstick doesn’t glide on as well as I would like. So I make sure my lips are moisturised before hand. This for me isn’t a major issue and for the price I think it’s a good buy. They have a lovely range of vibrant funky colours, it’s not very extensive but they offer shades that not many other high street brands offer. They also have some great matt lipsticks.

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The picture on the right of the product label is a truer version of how this colour looks in real life. go figure?

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