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Purple Disney make-up look

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Make-up Dec 20 082 copy

Once upon a time we all watched our beloved Disney cartoons in a distant land called childhood (and perhaps we still do from time to time despite being “all grown up”). One thing I noticed was that Purple seams to be the “bad guys” colour. The evil Queen from Snow White has two hues of purple eyeshadow, as well as Ursula from The little mermaid  who is quite literally purple!

evil_queen Walt-Disney-Production-Photos-Ursula-Vanessa-vanessa-from-the-little-mermaid-26019509-2560-1867

I created this look inspired by, the badies of Disney.

How I did this:

Make-up Dec 20 026 copyMake-up Dec 20 027 copy

  • First press Inglot No.39 a light pink/purple into the centre on the eye lid
  • Next take Inglot No.439 (a deeper purple) and place on the outer and inner third.

Make-up Dec 20 030 copy  Make-up Dec 20 037 copy

  • Create a high winged shape
  • Blend out well above the crease.

(Insure that the deeper colour doesn’t make the lighter pink too murky .)

Make-up Dec 20 042 copy


  • To finish I used Mac’s Retro Spec as a highlight in the inner corner and brow bown
  • Using illamasqua’s pure pigment in static a  fine purple/white shimmer. Dip the ring finger in it and and pressed the pigment directly onto the centre of the lid, just to add a pop of sparkle and extra dimension.
  • Line the eye’s with a thin liquid winged liner, and draw the line in, past the inner duct of the eye for more drama.
  • Underneath the eye I smudged the darker purple along the outer corner and then faded it into the lighter pink/purple
  • Add mascara and black eyeliner along the water line to finish.

Make-up Dec 20 121 copy Make-up Dec 20 123 copy Make-up Dec 20 133 copy

Make-up Dec 20 057 copy


The finished look in daylight

Make-up Dec 20 068 copy



With the flash


I would personally wear this eye shadow look out and about. It’s bright and loud, and I love purple on my eyes.

To make this look really over the top (and perhaps less wearable for most people who live outside of a Disney fantasy) and to add a little more wicked witchness! This is how I did my lips. I perhaps wouldn’t wear this look as a hole, but this is a fun way to really exaggerate the lips.

Make-up Dec 20 093 copy

Without flash

Make-up Dec 20 077 copy

With Flash

  • I lined my lips with this dark purple Gosh;Purple Stain Eyeliner 
  • Then I used NYX  No.838 Purple Rain to fill in the middle
  • I used these two Sleek lipsticks to fill my lips in carefully, trying my best to insure the outer edges remained darker.
  • I used the Illamasqua Purplish coloured glitter and pressed it over the middle of the lips so my lips would pop and sparkle

Is that OTT enough? I sure hope so! These lips perfectly mirror the colours of the eyeshadow

Make-up Dec 20 128 copyMake-up Dec 20 110 Make-up Dec 20 111

Make-up Dec 20 124 copy  I used Gentle by Mac on my cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Letme know if you think I put to many photo’s in, not sure if it’s a bit much??

TTFN xxx


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  1. Fantastic! When I was a little girl I wanted to be the Evil Queen from Snow White when I grew up. Snow White was such a snot but the Evil Queen was beautiful, dramatic and elegant.

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