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Mac’s (Amplified) Fusion pink

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Make-up loooovvvesss…… Mac’s (Amplified) Fusion pink

This is a beautiful creamy textured lipstick, in a red shade with an iridescent pink running through it. It’s not overly sheeny or anything, just creamy. Such an interesting colour. This photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s as if it has a modern twist on the “classic red” idea, by putting this subtle pink in it. Does that make sense……….who knows

Also it suits several generation and colourings, my 30 year old sister has  medium skin tone, with dark brown hair, she looked amazing when she put this on, as did my mum who has deep red hair and is 50+ (*ahem* forgive me mum), she looked stunning. I have Blonde hair, I looked pretty good to, even if I do say so myself.

Best buy this year, and I’ve loved a lot of things this year

Make-up is in love with Mac’s fusion pink. YEY!!


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    • Oh My Gosh. I am totally surprised. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I don’t even know what to say. I am going to carefully consider my answers and then do my award post. Yay my mother will be proud. xxx

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