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I love this foundation. How ever I don’t think it’s for everyone.

When I where it I think I look like I have a dewy glow but a friend wore it and thought she just looked sweaty! I understand where she’s coming from although I genuinely think I look fresh faced . I do think it’s an acquired “taste”. This is  light foundation often used on the hole body in photo shoots (not so much on the face as it’s so light).  It gives an almost waxy look. I like to really work this into my face with my duo fibre brush to warm  up the pigments and buff it in.

This is a light foundation very fluid in its consistency it matches very well to the skin, I think because it’s so luminescent the pigments must reflect the skins natural tones more easily making it suit and blend in very effectively and naturally.

I do always put powder on top of it, because  of it being so wet it does need setting especially on my oily nose. I personally love this, but try before you buy. It’s a good size bottle much larger than most foundation bottles, I may have bought this at a trade-show however, but either way I think you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I love this it’s in my usual rotation but it may not be for all.

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