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Cetuem Classic red

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Cetuem is a brand I have only ever known for waxing. They do great wax, but I believe it’s only available for beauty professionals.

When I went to the olympia beauty trade show recently, I saw they have a reasonably large nail varnish selection. This was one I picked up. It was about £3.50 / £4.50( forget exactly how much, also they may have been trade prices). I wanted to see what kind of quality this varnish was.

I think it’s a pretty good nail varnish, easy to apply, smooth, dry’s at a good rate, although I did use my seche vite top coat which dry’s everything a lot faster. This is a quality product, and I would have no qualms about picking this up again.

I’m not in love with it, but it is a worth while purchase, especially for the price ,I think it’s a good product.

This is No. 170 classic red


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