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Mac Blusher, Gleeful and Gentle

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Mac Gentle (on the left) and Gleeful (on the right)

I bought these in the airport when I was flying to France. As it was duty free it meant it was 20% cheaper ( The tax in the UK on goods is at 20% still).

Under those horrible halogen lights I found it really hard to tell what the true colour of these two were, but I felt I liked them both. Under the pressure of limited time and being aided by  an eager and  helpful shop assistant  (or an amazing sales woman and I am a total sucker) I decided to buy them both.

When I tried them out back in England I hated both of them and I thought what a waste of money. They were so strong in colour, I looked like I belonged in the 80’s.  I ended up not using them  for quite a while, but as I got more of a tan over the summer I thought let me give these two another go. With a very light hand I dusted Gentle on to my cheeks and I actually really liked it. This a purple based blusher, which is also slightly iridescent. originally when I put too much on it looked like I had bruised cheeks but now it actually suits. I notice it is more important to choose my lipstick shades more carefully with this blush as some pinks and some lipsticks are too bright for Gentle and it can clash really badly.

It took me a little while longer to come around to Gleeful as it’s quite red in tone but again with a light touch this colour is very wearable it’s slightly easy to wear because it goes with more different colour lipsticks and eyeshadow looks.

I think both of these blushers, particular Gleeful, would really suit medium and darker skin tones.

I don’t think I am in love with these but I would recommend  having a go. Nice texture, immensely  pigmented.

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