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MAC Cremeblend Blush: Something Special.

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Mac Cremeblend Blush is a much more natural and subtle blusher that you can build up and intensify to the desired effect. It gives a more dewy look than a powder. I love this peachy toned blush with a  slightly burnt orange tinge to it. At first I wasn’t over whelmed by this blusher, but that’s because I have never really been that big on cream blushes and it turned out that I wasn’t applying it in the best way. But then I bought a new big and firm blusher brush and applied the Creamblend Blush with that and  it made all the difference to the finish. Now I think this blush is just lovely. I don’t use it all the time because I have really oily skin on my face, but I love the sun-kissed glow this product gives me when I do put it on.

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Also I where this with the Nars madly blusher on top, I think that is a really good colour combination, and the powder sets the cream blusher.

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