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Sleek : Avoir la peche collection Paraguaya

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One of my favourite sleek palettes of the summer. With it having so many orange and peachy colours, with mink/brown tones to set them against.  I am not so into the highlighter colours however. One is to matt the other is to shimmery, but other than that I think sleek’s Paraguaya works rather well as a palette. It’s got about half and half matt and shimmery colours.The texture is pretty good, some colours are better than others admittedly but on the hole highly pigmented and great for darker skin tones.But alas, fair well summer I may not be wearing these colours so often………….oh but wait it’s Autum, I can still get away with it!!!I’m not in love with this palette as sleek offers others that have better colour vaiations, but I am ever so fond of this palette and at £7.99 I’m not complaining.xxx


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