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Dermalogica Oily Skin kit

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I have already used dermalogica before and I like their products. I have extremely oily skin, so when I was doing a little research about what products dermalogica provide for my skin type, I came across this website https://www.beautyflash.co.uk/dermalogica/skin-kits.html that are doing gift boxes/starter kits for different skin types.

I bought the oily skin kit for £19.90, I figure that this way I would be able to try out a few different items for my skin type and see what works best for me, with out braking the bank. It consists of:

-Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)

– Multi-Active Toner (50ml)

-Total Eye Care (4ml)

– Oil Control Lotion (22ml)

– Skin Prep Scrub (22ml)

I am pretty impressed so far, I love the smell of the products, it’s like aromatherapy on my face. They feel fresh. Most importantly for me they make my skin feel less greasy with out irritating it and leaving it feeling stripped and dry as I have found with other products.

The only product I don’t like is the Oil control lotion. I can’t rub it into my skin all the way because when I do, it starts to rub into little rubbery bits which is unpleasant. on the other hand I particularly like the   Multi-Active Toner. It  feels so good and  refreshing, I will defo’ get this one again.

Over all so far I’m happy, although I wont be able to decipher whether these are  working for another couple months. My Skin needs to get used to these products before I can tell if they are improving the skin quality.

I recommend this kit as it’s travel size, very affordable for what your getting and it’s a good introduction to these products.

Make-up loves…… dermalogica’s Oily Skin Kit.


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    • I think it’s worth ago, 5 different products for under 20 quid. It’s good little taster kit, and a way to find out if any of there stuff works for you. x

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