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I recently went to a beauty trade show, where for the first time I purchased some china glaze.

I have been wanting to try out china glaze for a while but it’s not readily available for purchase in shops.

So with out further a do here are my buys. from left to right : Beach Cruise-R, Luxe and Lush, I’m Not Lion, Swanky Silk, No Plain Jane, Ruby Pumps.

I have already tried “I’m not lion” which is a glittery holographic gold colour, and I thought it was amazing. Two layers of this and you have solid block of glitter nail. sooo cool.

I also just did one layer of this on top of “Swanky Silk” which is a cool gold, with a pink tone running through it, so far this is my favourite it’s really glamorous. With the combination of the two It looked really special.

Lastly I tried” No Plain Jane” Which is a purple with a golden brown running through it. This one to me doesn’t really show the multi-tonal effect as much, so I do feel like I paid extra for something that doesn’t really show up that much. It’s a nice purple, but I might just give this one to my friend as I already have several dark purples ,I don’t think I need any more.

Over all so far I think the nail varnish consistency is of a very good quality now I can finally see what all the hype is about. I wish I could buy more in this country in the future………… oh well.


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