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Make-up loves… benefits stay don’t stray eyeshadow primer. I’ve switched from using my normal urban decay eyeshadow primer. I think it makes my eyeshadows pop even more,  stay put and not crease!  I don’t like putting it under the eye so much as although it brightens up my dark circles, it dry’s to a very powdery  almost chalky finish.

I bought my benefit goodies at one of the larger boots.I also bought a gift set of erase past (concealer to you or I) Girl meets pearl (highlighter), and the pore fessional (which is a primer, that particularly helps to hide pores).

  • I like the girl meets pearl, but I’ve already got several highlighters so it isn’t my natural first choice but it’s an averagely good highlighter. I think for me I don’t like really liquidy highlighters as I feel they’re harder to control.
  •  Pore fessional sounds good in theory as I have large pores, but for me it isn’t as good as estee Lauders  primer but I do like it as far as primers go it make’s the foundation go on really smoothly.
  • Now for the erase paste I must admit I’ve not given it a real go. I don’t often wear concealers although I probably should, I just don’t like that it’s a very peachy pink tone, this puts me off as I have yellow skin tone. The lady at the counter demonstrated it on me and it looked fine, but yet I don’t trust that it really goes with my skin colour…. I know I know I’m being a wimp, I should just bight the lipstick and woman up. I will try harder to give it ago and report back.


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