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Two of my most green and most recent purchases were, Barry M’s Fine Glitter Dust No.25 forest green (£4.50), and MAC’s Sunny Spot (£12).

I love bright colours, and I love unusual shades of green, however I was disappointed with the pigmentation of MAC’s sunny spot it really doesn’t live up to it’s vivid expectations. For a colour that looks like it would be electric I was sorely disappointed that even with an eyeshadow primer, the transfer of colour fron palette to skin is a total let down, especially for a brand that is so expensive.

Barry M’s forest green is a really lovely earthy green colour with glints of gold. I have only used it once, but I think it’s going to be a colour I really enjoy using. A lot cheaper than MAC, and in this particular comparison a clear winner.

The paler green is an old colour from Barry M No.79, I think it’s discontinued now, but they should bring it back it’s really good for putting into the inner corners of the eye’s as a highlight, but also it’s a good all over the lid kind of colour as it’s interesting enough to hold its own. It’s a pale green gold.  I make-up Loves it…….


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